Key to the success of Photodiversity  is the joint technical expertise of Booker-Milburn and Cox which amounts to over 50 years combined experience in photochemistry, organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and drug design. We have a number of commercial and custom items of technology which in total enable us to offer a unique service to our clients.

• Various batch photochemical reactors (125 - 600W) for scales of mg's to g's per day

• Unique, in-house customised high-capacity flow photochemical reactors (1.5 - 5 kW) for scales of 100 g's to kg's per day

• Various light sources covering key parts of UV spectrum for organic photochemistry (250-400 nm)

• Longer wavelength sources (> 400 nm to Vis)

• Tecan liquid handling system for reaction preparation, analysis, work-up and final sample preparation
• Biotage microwave and Thales H-Cube flow reaction platforms
• Well-plate equipped HPLC-MS for library analysis. MS and UV directed automated HPLC purification for final product purification
• Genevac systems for dry down of multiple samples
• Biotage and ISCO flash systems for fragment and building block purification
• ICM-Chemist software employed for fragment and diversity library design and building block selection
• Commercially-derived and bespoke synthon collections