Who we are

Kevin Booker-Milburn  is a Professor of Synthetic Chemistry at the University of Bristol and has 25 years experience in academic research, specialising in synthetic photochemistry and design of new reactions and synthetic methodologies. He is Co-founder and Co-director of Photodiversity Ltd. He is a pioneer of photochemical flow chemistry and designer of the first practical flow reactor for synthetic photochemistry and recently the first laboratory scale reactor with photochemical productivities of over a kilogram per day. He has had long-standing collaborations with industry including Novartis, AstraZeneca, GSK, Pfizer, Syngenta, Merck, Vertex etc  

Brian Cox is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Sussex and has had 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Schering-Plough, GSK). He is an expert in drug discovery across multiple therapeutic areas and for 15 years was Head of the Drug Discovery department at Novartis (Horsham, UK). He is Co-founder and Co-director of Photodiversity Ltd. He specialises in the design of novel fragment and diversity libraries, the application of parallel synthesis in the production of libraries for screening, archive enhancement and hit and lead optimisation. He has over 100 patents and publications and a strong record of success in the industry (30 development compounds, many late phase), including the development and launch of the Novartis asthma 'wonder-drug'  Fevipiprant.